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Blockchain Expert

Panache is a flashy IT company in the heart of the city of Groningen. Panache’s focus lies on creating and maintaining distributed and innovative software solutions.
Lately, Panache is working in the area of distributed computing as well as, amongst other things, creating decentralized systems.

Multiple Bitcoin- and Blockchain-einthusiasts work at Panache, but because of the enormous amount of possibilities that the Blockchain
and similar systems open up, are we growing faster than our current team can manage.
This is why we are eagerly searching for another Blockchain Expert to strengthen our team.

What does being Blockchain Expert at Panache entail?

In the role of Blockchain Expert, you will first and foremost have an advising functions in the development of decentralized systems.
We advise external parties and help them with the development of their systems. On top of this, we are developing a couple of applications
of our own making, in which the Blockchain will have a primary role.

As real Panacherian, we expect you to both have passion as well as knowledge to develop applications that use Blockchain and related technologies.
In exchange for your efforts, we will give you a comfortable working place with enthusiast colleagues and the possibility to use your time to build
awesome applications that will radically alter the way society as we know it works.

We are not the kind of company that attempts to force a Blockchain inside an existing product that does not need it because ‘blockchain’ has become a buzzword. Instead, we
strive to create real innovative technologies.

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What do we ask of you?

Good communicative skills and the ability to work in the context of a team.

The possibility to work as consultant for external parties, and advise and guide their developmental efforts related to when their products touch on the Blockchain.

Knowledge of common cryptographic systems and protocols, like SHA and ECDSA.

Knowledge of constructing and using ‘smart contracts’ to perform decentralized computations, using for instance Ethereum.

Knowledge of other distributed protocols, for instance Distributed Hash Tables or the Onion Routing Protocol.

Knowledge of existing Blockchain-related technologies like Namecoin, MasterCoin, Ethereum, Storj, IPFS, etc.

Knowledge of networking-protocols like UDP, TCP/IP, RPC and authentication/authorization protocols like OpenAuth and Kerberos would be nice.

Apply for a job?

Panache is a flashing, young, informal company: A meeting point where working hard and a comfortable atmosphere converge.
For questions or to apply, contact Rene van Pelt at of +3150-2111784